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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is centered around the attempt to change thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and behaviors. This kind of therapy has become the most popular method in English-speaking countries for dealing with a whole range of neuroses and psychopathologies, including mood problems (mainly depression) and anxieties. The preference for this therapeutic method comes from it having stood up to rigorous empirical testing, and having proven itself to be more effective than competing methods (such as medical treatment or psychodynamic therapy). The techniques employed are varied, and fitted to suit the individual and his or her difficulties, yet usually include a learning process, centered around examining and undermining thoughts, presumptions, beliefs and assessments which may prove not to be useful or grounded in reality; it also revolves around gradually coping with activities associated with anxiety, and trying out new ways of behavior and response.

Does a psychologist or anyone else track what happens during my therapy?

No! The therapy is completely automatic, and no one else is involved in it. It's just you in front of your computer (unless you decide to share the process with someone, on your initiative). It is important to us to be able to promise discretion throughout the therapeutic process, especially with sensitive subjects such as sexual problems.

Is therapy without a therapist really possible?

The cognitive-behavioral approach is based on a process of learning. It's possible to learn in a variety of settings, isn't it? We wish we could claim this concept as our own, but this isn't the case. Computer-based therapy has been around for a number of years.

Who can I contact in case of a problem during the therapy?

In theory, there shouldn't be any problems in the therapeutic process. Dozens of people have gone through this process successfully. Even so, in the case of any problem arising, you're welcome to contact us by using the 'Contact' page on the website, and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What if I decide once I've started that therapy without a therapist isn't working for me?

Since we have experienced psychologists working on this website, in such a case we would put you in touch with a psychologist specializing in CBT, who understands the principles of online treatment, and could accompany you with personal therapy (at an additional cost). This would be in place of or parallel to the computerized system, so that in any case the online tools could be of service in assisting you.

Why is this therapy effective?

Studies from around the world have shown that this kind of therapy is effective for treating a range of situations, and the computer-based approach allows an even higher level of efficiency. Computer-based therapy makes it easy to analyze various characteristics in a methodical fashion, and to change components of the treatment in order to reach better results.

I'm familiar with therapy with a therapist, what does therapy with a computer even mean?

You can get an impression of our system by trying it out for four sessions, for free and with absolutely no need to submit any payment details.

How does the therapy actually happen?

After signing up on the system, a treatment plan is created for you. You can go in to the first session immediately. For further sessions, the system will send you an email invitation, and when you accept, the system will automatically send you to the appropriate session.

How is my privacy kept?

Apart from your email address, we don't gather any other identifying information about you. Even this information is kept in our encrypted database, and all communication is carried out using secure SSL protocols.