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Premature ejaculation treatment

Ejaculating too soon? Do you have premature ejaculation? Now you can solve the problem quickly, from home.

Tipultech has developed a treatment program - 100% computerized and unique, for dealing with premature ejaculation. The program is based on scientific research, and developed by expert psychosexologists. After a comprehensive assessment, during which you respond to a series of questions determining the cause of the premature ejaculation, you'll begin a series of treatments custom built to your personal problems. The treatment program is built on 16 virtual sessions, spanning 10 weeks.

Premature ejaculation, like many other problems involving sexual functioning, often has two root causes: patterns of thinking, and sexual behaviour. The treatment program takes these two parts into consideration, so that during the sessions cognitive patterns are actively examined,and guidance is given for independent behavioural exercises between sessions.

The treatment is adapted to cellular/tablet format as well...!!!


  • No need to leave the house and go to a clinic
  • Pure web app - no need to install anything
  • Treatment can be done at any time of day
  • No need to meet a therapist, and discuss embarrassing issues
  • The system adjusts itself to personal needs arising throughout the diagnostic assessment
  • Short-term treatment - only 10 weeks!
  • No need to take drugs, creams or pills

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